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i...deviant initially started life as a project for producing perverse dance music aimed at the sado-masochistic market. During work on this project, it became apparent that many of the emerging ideas were leaning more toward experimental electronic pieces. This was further fueled by their common interest in artists such as Stockhausen, Can, and early Tangerine Dream. 

In early 2006, it was decided that an attempt would be made to leave behind the world of beats, sequences, and samples and move into the world of atmospheres. Within a relatively short period, i...deviant's first album ("memento mori") was complete. Utilizing organic sounds, electronics, and an unusual approach to lyric writing, the album sets out to present "a seamless trip through the perspectives of individuals unknown". The album is dark, filmic, tense and has a Gothic feel to it but is also strangely futuristic in it's sound and lyrical content.

In terms of their approach to music, i...deviant describe a wish "to create pieces which are driven by atmosphere and which can allow the listener to enter an alternative world for a period of time". Their tracks are arranged to flow from one to the next so that the listener can be carried along with the mood. In their own words "an album is, as far as we are concerned, an experience. It should be enjoyed in it's entirety and be a vehicle for an individuals emotions to travel on... uninhibited."

i...deviant are currently working on their second album.