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                                                                                                        "If you have created something and it has triggered an emotion, thought, or memory in you, then it may do the same to somebody else. You may never know whether it has or not, but that is irrelevant. What's important is that it can." (Verfallen, 2007).

Verfallen's first step into recording came with the offer to provide cellos for i...deviant's debut album "memento mori". Following this project, Verfallen made a decision to put together an album of their own.

Over the period of three evenings in October 2006, a series of improvisational pieces were recorded. These pieces came to make up the album "corrosion suites" (released in December 2007). Comprising 3 tracks of piano and cello work, this album could be viewed as fitting into the classification of modern composition.

Their music is a mixture of both grounded, aching textures and stratospheric optimism.

Verfallen have made no commitment to writing any further pieces at this moment in time but have informed us "...we probably will....sometimes it's just a matter of doing it when it feels as though you should"