die toxic
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"The idea behind this kind of music is that noise and sound can be a language of their own. That's not to say that music does not play an equal part in a recording, but that it is not the only focus of what comes through your speakers. It seems that this concept has been the basis of some of the most interesting and memorable works over the last few decade"                                    (die toxic, 2007). 

The above quote seems to sum up the guiding principles behind the work of die toxic. Their music is sonically experimental and yet manages to incorporate enough melody to allow it to be highly listenable.

Their sound could be described in any number of ways; psychedelic, ambient noise drone, black metal, atmospheric neo-classical... but their intent is to produce material which is both engaging and disturbing.

Not wishing to be tied to any one particular genre of music, die toxic have allowed themselves to be controlled by the writing process...

   " Once you ignore the long standing view that music must be categorised, it quickly becomes possible to free your imagination and incorporate elements that would not have seemed available to you before. A very pleasant side effect of this process is that you, hopefully, don't sound like anybody else."

Currently, die toxic are recording their debut album which should see the light of day later this year.