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28/04/08 - Mailing List and New Distributors

It's been an eventful first year at dekay media and the next year is set to be even more eventful!!

Because of this, we have decided to set up a mailing list to keep everyone informed of what we are doing. Joining is really easy and you will get regular updates on releases, events etc and maybe the occassional special offer!

If you want to join up, just CLICK HERE and input your e-mail address.

After that, you will receive an e-mail asking you to verify your address by clicking on a link... it's as easy as that.

Also, we are very happy to announce that two very influential distributors, Cold Spring and Line Out, have agreed to sell material from our label. Please follow the links below and check them out because they have some excellent material in their catalogues.




15/09/07 - Piccadilly Records Distribution

Piccadilly Records in Manchester has agreed to distribute material from the label!!

The name of Piccadilly Records is legendary due to the influence that the shop has had upon so many artists over the years. Their approach has always been to stock a wide variety of interesting and rare records and many, now big name, artists have (and can) be found searching through the shelves in search of groundbreaking material.

The shop's website can be found at:


We would recommend that everybody takes a look at their site, if you haven't already.

Big thanks to everyone at Piccadilly Records and everyone out there who has supported us so far!!!